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SSAT Analogies | Practice | ePrep Test Prep

SSAT Analogies Practice develops your vocabulary | reasoning skills. ePrep Test Prep includes analogy “logic” tips | Wordsmith Vocabulary Builder.

Practice your SSAT Analogies with 174 practice problems with problems and explanations from Master Tutor Karl Schellscheidt, Co-Founder of ePrep test prep company, developer of the "The Learning Cycle" - free sample questions.

SSAT Analogies is Included with the SSAT Practice Test Software in addition to SSAT Math and SSAT Reading questions and answer tips | explanations.

3 Full Practice Test, 450 Tutored Videos to improve your scoring ability on the SSAT Test.

ePrep uses the proven Learning Cycle; Practice Offline simulate test day conditions, Grade Online, Review the questions and answers with the Video Tutor, and then Repeat the process for the best SSAT Test score.

Hearing and seeing improves retention dramatically, reference Weiss McGrath Retention study.

SSAT Analogies require vocabulary and reasoning ability skills.

SSAT Practice software from ePrep includes Wordsmith Vocabulary Builder, Level A, Level 1, Level 2, Level 3, and Level 4.

Level "A" words are words you should know prior to high school appropriate for developing sound vocabulary skills for the SSAT analogy section (346 total words).

Level 1 (468 words) masters your vocabulary skills for high school level vocabulary. Level 2 words (393) are college level words.

Wordsmith license as well as the entire SSAT Practice Test Software License provides you continued license access for 365 days from purchase, so you can continue to develop your vocabulary skills even after you sit for the SSAT Test (and continue to watch any of the 450 lesson videos).

Take this year and focus on developing your vocabulary skills in preparation for high school, the SAT and/or the ACT Tests.

Reasoning Ability for SSAT Analogies Section

What you are doing with the analogy question is first to understand the two "stem words" or "root" words from a meaning standpoint, think like a dictionary.

Secondly, you are looking for a sentence that makes sense and/or a "bridge"..."relationship" between the two root words, then you proceed to finding this relationship in the provided answers below.

SSAT Analogy Sample Question in this video.

31. Sweat is to warm as

(A) chatter is to teeth

(B) shiver is to cold

(C) shed is to fur

(D) stretch is to muscle

(E) run is to hurry

33. Empty is to trash can as

(A) wipe is to cloth

(B) fill is to dumpster

(D) vacuum is to dust

(E) wring is to mop

37. Ruler is to scale as

(A) alarm is to limit

(B) horse is to corral

(C) length is to weight

(D) precise is to exact

(E) free is to expensive

Make sure you watch the video that shows you the entire SSAT Practice Software from ePrep because you can see how the entire Learning Pyramid Process works.

You can get the Edge on SSAT Scoring, raise your percentile scoring rank, and with 450 videos, 3 Practice Tests, and the highest ePrep discount from retail on the internet.

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Joshua Greene : You made the test easier for me. I understand the logic to the Analogies. Thank you!
Dislet : very smart
Claire Ng : This really helpful, thank you
Aashish S : Thank you! These tips really helped me.
Rommel Lapina : nice

홍기찬의 SSAT 필수개념 총정리

2013 상반기 SSAT 123명 합격!
S그룹 출신 홍기찬 선생님이, 혼자서 공부하기 힘든 중고등학교
개념부터 영역별 공략법까지 SSAT에 자주 나오는 개념들을 알려드립니다. 홍기찬 선생님의 'SSAT 필수개념 총정리'로 다가오는 하반기 SSAT를 효과적으로 대비하세요!
출처 :

Gsat [추리영역] 명제문제 딱 동그라미 3개만 그리세요 여러번 그릴 필요 없습니다.

#삼성 #gsat #명제 # 추리영역 #명제추리

gsat 추리영역 명제 문제입니다

질문이 있으면 댓글로 남겨주세요
최진혁 : 1번에 빨간색 체크부분에 왜 존재유무를 알수가없나요?? 모든 어린이들이 판타지를 좋아하는거라고 나와있는데?
big picture : 안녕하세요 영상잘보았습니다 알려주신대로 풀었는데 이 문제는 왜 잘안풀리는걸까요!! 전제1. 역사가는 역사서를 쓴다. 전제2. ( 빈칸 ) 결론. 평가를 받지 않으면 역사가가 아니다. 답은 평가를 받지 않으면 역사서를 쓰지 않은 것이다 인데, 벤다이어그램 그려보면 역사서를 쓴다와 역사가의 교집합 부분만 남거든요!! 왜 답이 이걸까요
크쿠쿠쿠 : 선생님 메일보냈는데 부탁드릴께요
이이나 : 와 정말 감사해요 ㅠㅠ 저 진짜 이부분 어떻게 하는건지 너무 힘들었는데 한번에 알겠어요
박재훈 : 작년에는 대충봐서 몰랐는데 요즘 맨날 지사트만 푸니까 유형별로 감이 오네요ㅎㅎ
진짜 많이 푸는 사람들은 그냥 안그려도 답 나올듯




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