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Zündapp DB200 on board GoPro 2.7k

Riding my Zundapp DB200 in Breda the Netherlands
GOLD WING : Bovengemiddeld nice ride thru Nederland town streets dB 200 great bike seems to be well looked after keep the up loads comming
Suzuki gt 125 : Die Ampeln in den Niederlanden sind aber lange Rot...
Peter Klick : Very nice bike.

2016 11 27 Unimat DB200 01

First time I've played with this little lathe I picked up a while back. It's a Unimat DB200, one of the older ones with the cast iron base. I'm trying to decide whether it will earn its keep around the shop. I discovered I have the thread following attachment, so I went ahead and set that up on the lathe. In a later video I'll reconfigure the machine for milling/drilling.
Gary Sielaff : Not an instructional video for sure.
lacaver64 : little nice lathe
Clive Durrant : You have a lot of pieces,including thread making pieces,,three piece chuck,these accessories are rare now and fetch good money!
Rhilianis : Such a beautiful machine!!! What I wouldn't give to own one of those. ( I actually used one once to make wedding rings for my wife and I ) Wish I could afford to acquire one.
Lynn Lard : One of the more frustrating videos I've seen. If you're making a presentation, plan out what you intend to present and what you want to say. Study the manual and try to learn about the subject, so you can avoid such comments as "hmm...wonder what this thingy does...?" This could've been very interesting.

Zündapp DB200 from 1940

Test drive of the Zündapp DB200 from 1940. New in at www.dutch-lion-motorbikes.com




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