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VB.Net Inventory Management System Source Code ( visual basic .net project with mysql database )

VB.Net Sales and Inventory Management System

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This Project Is Created Using .net technology (windows form)
- visual basic .net programming language.
- visual studio express 2013.
- mysql database
- for images
- for colors
- iTextSharp (PDF library).

this visual inventory system project can do:
in this project if you login as an user with the user type user you can:
in products tab:
- add,edit,remove the selected product
- display all products from mysql database into datagridview.
- search products.

in categories tab:
- insert,update,delete selected category
- show all categories from mysql database into datagridview.
- when you select a category from the datagridview the products in this category will show up on a listbox
- if you double click on the category a new form will show up with all products data in this category
- navigate between categories using two buttons next and previous
- button to clear textboxes

in customers tab:
- insert,update,delete selected customer
- show all customers from mysql database into datagridview.
- navigate between customers using two buttons next and previous
- button to clear textboxes
- when you select a customer, 1)set the customer data into textboxes,
2) get the customer number orders, 3) get the customer total orders amount,
4) get the customer last order date

in orders tab:
- when the order from will show up you can see 3 datagridview one for the customers, one for the products,
and another for the products you want to add in the order
- you can see the selected customer orders
- you can display pro depending on the category you want using combobox
- you can add a new customer
- show all the orders
- add the products you want to the order and select the quantity you want
- remove the products you want from the order

but if you login as an user with the user type admin you can a unique tab visible only for the admin, it's the user tab
in users tab:
- add,edit,remove the selected user

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